Who we are

We aim to be a Thriving Community and we aim to achieve this by ‘Loving the Community to Life’.

Rooted in Christ
We believe that in order to be that which God calls us to be, we firstly need to be rooted in Christ. Our roots affect the very core of our being. In our roots, we find our identity and our purpose. If our roots are strong then we will not be blown about by any teaching other than that from the Bible. Colossians 2:7 & Ephesians 4:14.

Growing Together in Christ
We believe that God has called us to partner together in the local churchWe believe in the New Testament principle of   ‘Koinonia’. This is another word for partnership, sharing or fellowship. We will be discovering together what it truly means to partner together in the Gospel. Not seeking to serve ourselves but others. Acts 2:42 & John 13:35.

and Reaching the World with Christ.
We believe that the primary purpose of the Church is to be and share the Good News of Christ. We have discovered that God is a God of mission and that we join Him as He reaches into the world. We will be looking at what this means for us in our every day lives as we journey together. Luke 19:10 & Matthew 28:19-20.