Mission and Partnerships

Making a difference beyond our local area

We support a number of missions and charities who operate in the UK and overseas. We desire to reach out with God’s love in a number of ways outside our local area by supporting those who seek to make a practical difference in people’s lives. These are the organisations and charities with whom we are specifically involved.


In response to God’s love for the world, ROPE’s vision since 1991 has been to address the terrible effects of oppression, and to help the poor around the world, through practical and sustainable direct action, such as micro-financing of small businesses to help those in poor areas support themselves.

ROPE’s mission is to inspire compassion for the suffering of the poor around the world, converting compassion into hope and direct action through personal giving, in order to reach and change the lives of individuals who have no, or few, options for survival.

ROPE is a volunteer charity currently working in numerous countries through a network of 100 partnerships (ROPEholders), providing grass roots support for widows, orphans, refugees, the sick, the homeless and the unemployed.

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The mission of Elam is to strengthen and expand the Church in the Iran Region and beyond.

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, many Iranians have become disillusioned with religion. More Iranians are known to have become Christians in the last 25 years than during the previous 1,300 years.

The spiritual hunger of Iranians is a window of opportunity for the church to reach out. Elam seeks to support the Iranian church through encouragement, practical support and training.

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