How we work

Knowing what we’re all about is one thing; working this out in practice is another!

No one at FHCC is or even claims to be perfect or better than anyone else – we are just ordinary people like everyone else – but because of our relationship with Jesus, God accepts us as perfect in his sight; not because of who we are or anything we have done, but because of who Jesus is and what he has done for each and every one of us! As such, we are on a journey of learning together what it means for us to be pure (like Jesus), both individually and collectively.

One of the ways in which we seek to put this into practice is simply in terms of how we work out our life together as a church on the ground. At present, we also use the word ‘pure’ as an acronym to capture something of this, i.e., our ethos as a church.

P … Prayer as a foundation

Whatever we do together as a church, we see prayer as being the foundation upon which it is built.

U … Unity as the basis upon which we move forward

For us, the journey is just as important as the destination. Seeking to arrive at a place where we are of one heart and mind is central to how we do what we do and move forward together as a community of God’s people.

R … Real and Relational

In all that we do together as a church family our desire is to be true to God’s word, true to who we believe God is calling us to be, and true to one another. Good, healthy relationships are central to this.

E … Engaging and Enabling

Being a church at the heart of the community is very much part of our DNA. In whatever we do, we therefore want to engage the local community we serve as well as enable people to discover who God has made them to be, seeing them more fully released into their calling and purpose.